Utilities Assistance

Power Bill Too High? There’s an App For That.

Struggling families can now easily find help to pay the power bill, with a free app called, Trusted Helplines. The Utilities Assistance feature connects homeowners and renters across America with funding to help pay for the high cost of energy and to insulate dwellings. Whether you call it the light bill, the power bill, the heating bill, the AC bill, or the power bill, you can get help paying it. Programs vary, and there might be income limitations and funds do run out. But no family in need should go without assistance just because they did not know about it.

Offering a wide range of financial assistance, the app instantly connects users with reputable government agencies, legal centers, and non-profits, according to geographic region. The Utilities Assistance feature joins several other critical helplines in the app:

  • Mortgage Relief
  • Rent Assistance
  • Child Support Enforcement
  • Child Care Payment Assistance
  • Domestic Violence Helpline
  • Free Bankruptcy Advice
  • Debt Relief Counseling
  • Elder Care Resources
  • Student Loan Relief
  • ID Theft Recovery
  • Unemployment Assistance
  • Collector Complaint Helpline
  • CreditScore Improvement
  • Gambling Addiction Helpline
  • Suicide Prevention Helpline
  • Tax Relief … and more

But do low-income families have access to download apps? Surprisingly, yes. Smartphone usage is actually highest as a percentage among low-income and minority groups nationally. Affordable Android devices serve as their primary connection to the internet, foregoing the use of desktops and tablets.

CareConnect USA of Waxhaw, NC, released the Trusted Helplines app in September of 2014. As a public benefit organization, we have published free helplines through other free lists since 2005. “The app works as a virtual Swiss Army Knife for families who occasionally run into money troubles”, says David Moakler, of CareConnect USA. “This newest feature is the Scissor Attachment for the do-it-all product.”

Calls are free, advice is free, and the app is free. The Trusted Helplines free app is available in all major app stores.