About Us

CareConnect USA is a team of financial counselors known for creating “smart” helplines which link troubled families with trustworthy agencies for financial assistance. We call these helplines “smart” because they instantly connect callers with local agencies and non-profits according to the caller’s area code.  So even though the Helplines serve the whole nation, callers can be assured that the person on the other line is able to assist callers from the caller’s location.

The helplines are published in workplaces, on websites, and directories. The numbers never go out of date because we can reroute the switch if changes occur among local programs.

 Our Mission: To seamlessly connect employees and families with trustworthy help, according to category and region.

Our Story

In 2005, David Moakler, a financial counselor, sat next to a social worker on a long flight, and a critical need was discussed. America’s army of counselors, ministries, and social workers who help families in financial crisis had too few resources to call upon. The helplines they had were regionally limited and tricky to find. As web-enabled phone switches were just coming into existence, we saw the value in creating and sharing a suite of smart helplines which could serve the nation. First, we printed the list of helplines and placed them into reference guides for counselors, so they could better assist their money-troubled clients. Initially these helplines were distributed to over 250,000 counselors as Daytimer inserts. Remember Daytimers? At the time, they were hugely popular among social workers. Soon after, counselors in the workplace began asking for the helplines in a poster form for their lunchrooms. As of 2020, over 500,000 of these posters have been distributed. They hang in such revered locations as The Smithsonian Institute, NASA, and the Armed Forces Family Support Network. If they can trust these helplines to deliver value, so can you.

David Moakler National Director

How We Make Money

Whether our helplines are connecting callers with a government agency, a non-profit outreach center, or a privately funded help center, these groups sometimes have made room in their budget to build awareness. In some cases, we may receive compensation for connecting callers with service providers depending on the arrangement. Many of our helplines exist only to serve the public and provide us with no revenue at all.

How We Prescreen our Service Providers

We adhere to that part of the Hippocratic Oath, “First Do No Harm”. So we have to be picky about who we allow into our network. We perform background checks on all service providers who apply to work with us. We hold them to a standard of customer service. Their history must not include complaints with the Better Business Bureau, consumer affairs agencies, or lawsuits. Several providers have been denied membership in our network due to a record of poor customer service or high fees. This includes law firms. If network members should let their strong service standards slip, we will remove them from our system. If callers have any concerns with any of our service providers, we encourage them to let us know, and we will take a closer look.

Free Resources:

Small Dayplanner Insert

Made of a sturdy laminated card stock, this list of helplines fits neatly into the standard 7-punch day planner.

Large Insert for Resource Books

For counselors who work in hospitals and clinics, these fit all standard reference binders.

EAP Card

Employee Assistance Professionals often work in office call center environments. A handy reference card to keep near their computer is still a popular design.

Workplace Poster

Human Resources Managers asked for a poster for the break room. To date, our most distributed item, these are made available at conferences and can be printed here. Any industry with employees can put this free tool to work. Studies show that employees who are not stressed about their bills are more productive in the workplace.

Mobile App – Trusted Helplines – Available here through the App Stores Free

Financial Assistance for Employees and Families. Instantly connect with non-profit centers and government agencies for free advice. A vital tool for managers and counselors. Share with your entire workforce or client base.
Social Workers and counselors may share it with families, clients, and peers. New helplines coming all the time.