Civil Process Servers

If you’re a civil process server, you see a lot of front doors everyday. And although the people you meet on the doorstep may not always show it, most are facing real financial troubles.

Don’t you wish you could leave some hope behind?

Well, now you can. With a list of trusted help lines, families in your community can call for free advice and help. Published by CareConnect USA, a public benefit organization, this list of help lines can give troubled families the direction they need.

The calls are routed to government agencies, non-profit outreach groups and private help centers of good standing. These agencies must maintain high standards of conduct, to be allowed in the CareConnect network.

Not sure if this will comply with procedure? Well, according to the attorneys who write the guidelines for process servers, leaving a list like this one is acceptable, since it lists many different options for help, and doesn’t just advocate one.

Civil Process Handout

As a civil process server, you play a vital role in the legal process. But you also now have an opportunity to help troubled families in your town.

So click on the link below and printout a batch of free lists, 3 to a page. Slice them into thirds, and add one to each document you deliver. We look forward to working with you. With your help, more families will find their way back on track. Thanks for caring.