Tax Debt Relief

Got an IRS problem? Apply for tax debt relief today.

Tax Debt Relief Hotline (888) 452-7841

The National Tax Debt Relief Hotline routes to IRS tax relief help centers across the country. You’ll connect with an expert for free advice to assist you with any tax problem, find tax debt forgiveness, a fresh start, or other solution.

Who should call for Tax Debt Relief?

Have you failed to file your taxes in recent years? Are you a contractor or independent business owner who missed a filing deadline or a 941 payroll payment? Have you received a letter from the IRS or one of their collection agencies? Are you being audited?

There’s no need to be scared, it only seems scary because you haven’t had the experience of working with the IRS. If you call the Tax Debt Relief Hotline you’ll speak with someone who deals with them every day. They’ll tell you what to expect, and separate fiction from fact. When you need tax solutions, it’s always smart to speak with an expert. If you owe federal or state back taxes, you could be subject to a tax levy on wages or assets.

The Tax Debt Relief Hotline is a team of enrolled agents, accountants, and former IRS employees. They are experienced in the procedures to deliver genuine tax relief. They understand that this is not an area where you are expected to be an expert. So, why would you go it alone? Any misstep you make while speaking to the IRS could come back to haunt you. Say the wrong thing, they might become suspicious and suspect you are hiding something. Why walk through those minefields alone, when someone will help you with free advice?

Tax Debt Relief Hotline (888) 452-7841

Why Call Our Helplines?

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Podcast! All About Tax Debt Relief

Listen to our interview with a Tax Relief Expert Here. We’ll talk about removing liens, garnishments, and more.

Tax Debt Relief Counselors Are Standing By to Help You Now (888) 452-7841

What to expect when you call:

You’ll speak with a specialist in the area of IRS tax debt relief. Many times they are ex-IRS agents with extensive knowledge of how the IRS enforces taxes due. They’ll ask you if you have received a recent notice from the IRS. They’ll tell you what it means, sometimes it’s not that big of a deal. You’ll discuss strategies to sort through any mistakes made by the IRS and buy you some time to get the problem resolved. Find out how you can remove liens and levies. Other programs include offers in compromise, and innocent spouse relief. If they believe you need tax debt relief, they will look to see if there is a local office in your town where you can meet with a professional who will consult with you free of charge.

What it will cost:

There is no charge to speak with an expert through the Tax Debt Relief Hotline. If they determine that they have a program to seek IRS tax debt relief, they will fully discuss how it works, what to expect, and if there are any costs along the way. If they do not have a program, they will offer free advice where to go to get other types of IRS tax relief help. There is no need to put off calling. Even if you can’t afford to make any payments now, you’ll feel better just by making a plan with an expert.

Should You Just Call the IRS On Your Own?

Let’s step back and take a good look at this one. The IRS is the largest, most aggressive collection unit in the nation. If you call them you will be connected with a front line collector who has one purpose, to pressure you to pay your total outstanding debt immediately. They will not care about your hardships which caused the debt, and they typically think that callers are trying to get out of paying taxes due; talk with taxpayers every hour of everyday. They have heard every excuse one can imagine. If you call them, they will begin asking pointed questions about your assets and income streams to your household. They collect this information in case they may begin seizing your assets, freezing your bank accounts, and garnishing wages from your paycheck.

They’re likely to record your comments, so you must be careful about what you share. Do you think your charming charisma will persuade them that you should be given special treatment? We’re not trying to be sarcastic or snarky here. Now contrast that stressful scenario with a professional conversation between a tax debt relief expert, who deals with the IRS everyday, knows their jargon, requests the proper forms and takes the right steps to lead you to your safe place. There are times when it makes sense to do things yourself (like add wiper fluid to your car), this is not one of them.

What It Will Cost if You Don’t Get Help

If you owe back taxes, you are being charged penalties and interest. These charges can grow rapidly, as the IRS turns up the pressure for payment. This information is not designed to alarm you, but they have methods of collecting which can be unpleasant. They can come to your place of business, seize assets and more. It’s never comfortable thinking about debts that you might owe. But many who call The Tax Debt Relief Hotline feel a sense of great relief. The hotline routes to reputable experts who have met our standards of performance. They have proven experience and work each day to help troubled taxpayers find tax debt relief help.

Did you get a letter from one of the IRS collection agencies? Did you receive a CP45 Notice from the IRS?

Here’s what it means: The IRS has hired 4 separate collection agencies to reach out to taxpayers. Before speaking with them, it may be wise to call the Tax Debt Relief Helpline to learn what options are available to you.

Did you get a call or letter from a collection agency?

Here are some of the legitimate agencies which the IRS has hired to contact you: PIONEER – PO Box 500 Horseheads, NY 14845 800-448-3531. PERFORMANT – P.O. Box 9045 Pleasanton, CA 94566-9045 844-807-9367. CONSERVE – P.O. Box 307 Fairport, NY 14450-0307 844-853-4875. CBE – P.O. Box 2217 Waterloo, IA 50704 800-910-5837. These collection agencies up until now, are the ONLY agencies which are authorized to contact you on behalf of the IRS. If anyone else contacts you, you are probably hearing from a scam artist.

Speak With an Expert Now about IRS Tax Debt Relief (888) 452-7841

Additional valid phone numbers for the Tax Debt Relief Hotline include: 877-275-5889, 877-633-4457, 888-219-1718, 888-222-8420, 888-233-8019, 888-352-8933, 888-449-0466, 888-283-8580, 888-523-0209, 888-673-6360, 888-692-7108, 888-769-8983, 888-784-8892, 888-864-2630, 281-886-8227, 213-246-2155, 281-886-8960, 281-888-8998, 832-900-9514, 832-930-4067, 800-536-0734, 800-425-1082.