Printable Poster for the Workplace

Attention Human Resources Department:

 25% of your coworkers are stressed out by their bills. The worry affects their job performance. The stress leads to absenteeism, moodiness, even affects the whole team.  They may not be comfortable going to their managers for help. Now there’s something you can do with an ordinary thumbtack to relieve their stress. And it doesn’t take any training in acupuncture. Hang this poster on your break room wall. Published by CareConnect USA, it connects your money troubled employee with resources for free advice. Whether they’re having trouble collecting child support, drowning in debt, or want to stop those awful collection calls, they now have quick access to reputable experts to help them find their way. The calls aren’t routed just anywhere. They go to government agencies, non-profit outreach centers and privately funded help centers of good standing. These agencies must maintain high standards of conduct, and be compliant with all state and federal guidelines.

Since CareConnect USA owns these phone numbers they’ll never be out of date. If a service provider closes their doors, calls will be routed to another agency. So you can keep this poster on your wall for even 10 years. The paper my yellow over time, but the numbers will still be good.

So click on the image below, print out your poster, and pin it to the wall. You’ll be offering a discreet, trusted resource to reduce stress in the workplace. And you’ll be sending a message that you care.