Child Support Enforcement

Child Support Enforcement Helpline  (888) 369-0323

If you are a custodial parent who is owed child support, call this helpline for resources and assistance. You will connect with your appropriate state agency for help.shutterstock_208400836

If a parent who is obligated to pay child support fails to make payments under the term of a court order, there are steps you can take. In 1984 an act was passed which says the state attorneys must help a parent collect. Dead-beat parents can find their federal tax refund intercepted, along with other methods of collection such as wage garnishments, proper attachment, and in some states even the revocation of their driver’s license. Unfortunately, even with these mechanisms in place, many learn to game the system and avoid making payments. We urge you to stay-the-course and be diligent with your pursuit. Your child deserves the support they are due.

If you already have a court order, but are feeling frustrated with the slow progress of your state agency, you may wish to speak with a private case specialist to expedite collections on your case. This private service of child support enforcement is not available in some states. The phone number for this alternative is (888)633-0290.