Franchise Owners Share Trusted Helplines App

4 Reasons Franchise Owners Are Sharing the Trusted Helplines App with Employees

A new app called “Trusted Helplines” instantly connects employees with prescreened help centers for financial assistance. Employers are sharing the free app with their workforce to reduce financial stress at work.

  1. Improves productivity
  2. Reduces turnover
  3. Employees stop asking for those occasional loans
  4. It’s Free – No cost to employer or employee

CareConnect USA has released the app to connect employees with help in many categories of financial assistance. At the touch of a button, users have access to government agencies, legal centers and non-profit groups, according to geographic region. Calls are free, advice is free, and the app is free.

Annual surveys consistently report that over 33% of all employees feel elevated levels of financial stress at work. Personal money worries result in absenteeism, health issues, mood swings, poor job performance and even theft. When management shares helplines with employees, it does more than just show compassion. The benefit reaches the bottom line. Employees, who solve their periodic money problems, are more productive and less disruptive. Although businesses have begun to invest in financial education for employees, many struggle to measure and justify the investment. This no-cost tool eliminates that concern.

Helpline service providers are prescreened to a standard of performance and reputation before they are admitted into the network. Since 2005, CareConnect USA has distributed over 400,000 helpline posters to employee lunchrooms. “We’re excited about the app for the vast span of good it can provide,” says director, David Moakler. “Employees have instant access to scores of helplines, right from their mobile devices. They can discreetly seek solutions to their financial problems, free from any embarrassment. Employers are sharing the app with their entire workforce.”

For a video tour or to download, visit Video or the App Stores.