Human Resource Managers: Help Your Staff in One Step

Employee money troubles are a drag.

They distract your team from performing at their best. Stress and worries about financial matters lead to absenteeism, loss of focus, moodiness, and even theft. According to studies, 1 in 4 coworkers are facing real difficulties.

What can you do as a Human Resource Manager?

Print the poster below and hang it on the break room wall. You’ll provide a discreet avenue for staff to find trustworthy help. Whether you have a single parent in search of solutions to collect child support, or a stressed employee who needs a free call with a non-profit debt relief counselor, they can find the right phone number.

Free Tool For HR

Break Room Poster

A favorite among smart Human Resource Managers. Reduce your employee worries about money, so they can concentrate on their performance. This item currently hangs in over 400,000 workplace lunchrooms.

If you have been financially harmed by the Coronavirus click here