Helplines for EAPs: 7 Key Phone Numbers

We’ve created a handy list of helplines for EAPs. If you work within an Employee Assistance Program you already know that Financial Stress is the root of many employee problems. Money troubles lead to absenteeism, health issues, poor performance, mood swings, and even theft. When you are counseling an employee through these waters, you need trusted numbers where they can find specific help.

No doubt, you have some favorite agencies where you will send employees with specific types of money troubles. Naturally, you want to send them to a reputable source that will take their call and look out for their best interests. Below you’ll find a list of useful helplines for EAPs to add to their arsenal. The service providers are made up of non-profits, government agencies, and privately funded help groups. The calls are free and the advice is free. There is a link at the bottom where you can print the list for easy reference. EAP’s and HR departments are welcome to paste this information to resource pages on appropriate websites.

25% of employees are stressed with money worries.

1. Mortgage Relief 888-215-9196

When employees fall behind on mortgage payments, the stress is severe. Be sure to connect them with a reputable group familiar with all the government and non-government programs available. HOPE Now and HUD-Approved non-profit groups are available for free consultations. If they are renters, visit for local resources.

2. Debt Relief 888-913-7294

For employees struggling with endless credit card debt or medical bills, relief is available. Certified debt counselors will listen to their situation and explore all options to reduce payments, interest, or even principal amounts owed. This helpline is for those who wish to avoid bankruptcy.

3. Free Bankruptcy Advice 888-615-4363

No list of helplines for EAPs would be complete without one for bankruptcy advice. Employees who cannot use other debt solutions may want to speak with an attorney. They can have a free conversation to discuss whether bankruptcy could provide them with a fresh start, and wipe their debt clean. No legal network subscription is necessary.

4. Student Loan Relief 888-856-2668

Student loans are one of the most burdensome stressors on your staff. Consequently, many employers are helping their crew to pay down their loans within their benefit package. But for those who don’t, it’s important to know that new government programs are available which can drastically reduce payments, especially if there has been a drop in hours and therefore, income. Students, graduates, and parents can speak with student loan counselors who are well-versed at programs to reduce monthly payments, consolidate, or cure their defaulting loans.

5. Tax Relief 888-222-8420

Yes, there are two things we can count on…death and taxes. Who is the scariest creditor out there? The IRS of course. It’s not even close. The number of audits conducted has increased dramatically in the last few years. The Treasury department needs revenue, and they’ve deployed new systems to enforce their rules. If an employee has a high or unexpected tax bill, they need to know how to deal with the troubling debt. At no cost, an expert tax attorney or enrolled agent will evaluate their situation and discuss the best available options to manage the debt. Beware of claims of huge reductions on TV or banner ads. Remember what your mother taught you, if it sounds too good to be true…

6. Collection Complaints 888-732-7257

Nobody deserves embarrassing collection calls at their place of work. So if an employee is being harassed by a collection agency, you can help them complain and make it stop. They can speak with an expert in the field of fair debt collection law. Collection agencies cannot call an employee at work if they have been asked to stop. They cannot use profanity, make threats, or tell others about the debt. Employees who are victims of this harassment can be compensated up to $1000 for reckless collection actions. This is one of the most popular helplines for EAPs.

7. ID Theft Victim Helpline 888-400-5530

We’ve all seen ad campaigns about ID Theft prevention programs. But what if an employee already suspects they may be a victim? Calling that national advertiser with the little padlock logo won’t help. Employees can call the ITRC Victim Assistance Center at no cost for guidance and steps to take to regain their sense of sanity.

To print out these Helplines for EAPs, here’s a pdf.

Phone Numbers for EAPs