Debt Relief

For families struggling with credit card debt and medical bills, relief is available.

Debt Relief Helpline (888) 790-1337

Call the Debt Relief Helpline to speak with a debt counselor. These are non-profit credit counselors who will contact your creditors, reduce payments, interest, and sometimes the principal amounts owed.

All your monthly credit card and medical bills can be combined into one affordable monthly payment. If you describe your bills to these experts, they can tell you what your monthly payment would be. Find out if this is the best way to reduce your debt and bring you peace of mind.

Warning Signs of Too Much Debt

1) You become overdrawn.

2) You dread the mailbox. There are collection letters and bills too often.

3) Your heart races when the phone rings. Collection calls come in, you screen them and cringe when you hear the messages on voice mail.

4) You find yourself borrowing from peers.

5) You occasionally worry that your car may be repossessed in the night.

6) You hide mail from your spouse with details of debts and low balances.

7) You borrow from Payday Lenders, and recycle the loan every two weeks.

8) You pay the minimum on credit card bills.

9) You lose sleep stressing about your debt load, harming your performance at work.

10) You go through mood swings with others, and seek medication or alcohol to take your mind off your troubles.

11) You have a bleak personal outlook for the future. How can you save for retirement when you are overwhelmed with personal debt?

12) You miss a payment to the utility. The lights go out. No heat or power.

13) You can’t remember the last time you felt joy or peace.

14) You are being sued for an unpaid debt. In this case, contact SoloSuit fast to learn your options before your court date passes.


Got some of these symptoms? Why spend another night worrying? Find out if you qualify for debt relief. You’ll feel better just by speaking with a debt relief center and learning your options. If inaction has led you to this point, perhaps some action is all that’s needed to start things in a new direction.

 Worried You can’t Afford Fees and Costs Associated with a Debt Relief Center?

Don’t be. All programs have no upfront fees, and if there is a monthly service charge, it will be affordable for your budget.

Worried you might get paired up with the wrong company?

No need to worry. We’ve done the prescreening for you. It’s a critical part of our job. Before a debt relief center can join the CareConnect USA network, they must meet standards of quality service, and reputation. We learn their methods, practices, history, and even walk their floors. If they do not handle consumers in a courteous and caring way, we remove them from our network of service providers. We are aware of all the laws concerning debt relief, and require all participants to fully comply and keep fees at a minimum.

Debt Relief Helpline (888) 790-1337

CareConnect USA has an excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau. See our BBB profile here.

Other valid numbers published for the Debt Relief Helpline include: 800-291-1042, 800-453-1738, 800-685-2706, 866-530-9949, 877-944-8383, 888-212-5103, 888-483-9933, 888-619-1709, 888-621-8852, 888-669-1046, 888-779-4272, 888-807-3459, 888-913-7294.