Social Workers – Free Tools for Money Troubled Clients

Free Tools for Social Workers If you are a social worker, let us thank you. The work you do helps countless families in so many ways. It’s a thankless job, but a rewarding one for those who do not burn out. We’re behind you. In fact, it was a social worker who inspired our first free tool for social workers, back in 2005. She told us there were over 500,000 of you out there in the US, and that you like to use Dayplanners as a primary tool for keeping track of clients, appointments, etc. But when she told us about your need of resources for your money-troubled clients, well, we went into action.

DayPlanner Insert

The first of our free tools for social workers was the Dayplanner Insert. Perhaps you remember these. We gave away over 250,000 of them at NASW conferences, and we met so many of you face to face. The inserts still help families after all these years. The list of Financial Assistance Helplines for Families will help you help more clients. Print out as many as you like and give them to your counseling peers, and clients. The numbers ring into gov’t agencies, non-profit outreach groups and privately-funded help centers. Calls are free. Now when a family has a specific type of financial trouble, you can give them a number for help. Please let us know how we might improve this resource. Thanks again for the valuable work you do. 

Print Your Inserts Here

Popular Dayplanner insert for Social Workers and Counselors

Popular Dayplanner insert for Social Workers and Counselors

The Trusted Helplines App

As nostalgic as they make us feel, the Dayplanner days are behind us. Now we’re all attached to our smartphones. Therefore, we built a free mobile app for social workers, called “Trusted Helplines“. Built for the future, this free tool for social workers will help you out for years to come. Check it out and download it today.