Debt Relief

For families struggling with credit card debt and medical bills, relief is available.

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Money_Troubles_013Debt Relief Helpline (888)790-1337

Call the Debt Relief Helpline to speak with a debt counselor. These are non-profit credit counselors who will contact your creditors, reduce payments, interest, and sometimes the principal amounts owed.

 All your monthly credit card and medical bills can be combined into one affordable monthly payment. If you describe your bills to these experts, they can tell you what your monthly payment would be. Find out if this is the best way to bring down your debt and bring you peace of mind.


CareConnect USA has an excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau. See our BBB profile here.

Other valid numbers published for the Debt Relief Helpline include: 800-291-1042, 800-453-1738, 800-685-2706, 866-530-9949, 877-944-8383, 888-212-5103, 888-483-9933, 888-619-1709, 888-621-8852, 888-669-1046, 888-779-4272, 888-784-2792, 888-807-3459, 888-913-7294.