Stay Violations

For Bankruptcy Filers………..Stay Violation Hotline         800-896-7860

If you have filed bankruptcy and you were then contacted by a creditor who was included in your bankruptcy, you may be a victim of a Stay Violation. It does not matter whether you received a collection notice in the mail, or a message on your voice mail. Any attempt to contact from an included creditor is against the law, regardless of intent. You may be entitled to compensation. Many victims are receiving speedy settlements of up to $1000. Either contact you own attorney or Call the Stay Violation Hotline to speak with a legal expert in these matters.

Have this information handy when you call:Money_Troubles_012

1) Date of your Bankruptcy Filing

2) File Number

3) Date and nature of the contact by creditor or collection agency.

Stay Violation Hotline         800-896-7860

This service is performed by lawyers seeking to help individuals who have filed their bankruptcy “pro se”, or without representation by an attorney. If you already have an attorney representing you, you may contact your attorney first. They can contact the offending party and seek action on your behalf. If they do not specialize in seeking claims for Stay Violations, you may call the hotline.